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Sherlock Bookmark design by OblivionxBaby Sherlock Bookmark design :iconoblivionxbaby:OblivionxBaby 1 0 We All Made This Mistake Once by OblivionxBaby We All Made This Mistake Once :iconoblivionxbaby:OblivionxBaby 1 3 It's like you're screaming by OblivionxBaby It's like you're screaming :iconoblivionxbaby:OblivionxBaby 2 1 Pure Of Heart by OblivionxBaby Pure Of Heart :iconoblivionxbaby:OblivionxBaby 1 1 Written In The Stars by OblivionxBaby Written In The Stars :iconoblivionxbaby:OblivionxBaby 1 1 Damon and Elena Wallpaper by OblivionxBaby Damon and Elena Wallpaper :iconoblivionxbaby:OblivionxBaby 6 0 Damon Elena Bookmark design by OblivionxBaby Damon Elena Bookmark design :iconoblivionxbaby:OblivionxBaby 13 3 Damon and Elena wallpaper by OblivionxBaby Damon and Elena wallpaper :iconoblivionxbaby:OblivionxBaby 10 0 Miracle Of A Hamster Life by OblivionxBaby Miracle Of A Hamster Life :iconoblivionxbaby:OblivionxBaby 4 2 Miracle Of A Hamster Life by OblivionxBaby Miracle Of A Hamster Life :iconoblivionxbaby:OblivionxBaby 2 0 My heart is yours Damon by OblivionxBaby My heart is yours Damon :iconoblivionxbaby:OblivionxBaby 18 10 My Dream by OblivionxBaby My Dream :iconoblivionxbaby:OblivionxBaby 2 0 Melody Pond aka River Song by OblivionxBaby Melody Pond aka River Song :iconoblivionxbaby:OblivionxBaby 7 4 I've Got Swag by OblivionxBaby I've Got Swag :iconoblivionxbaby:OblivionxBaby 1 1 When U Hold Me In Your Embrace by OblivionxBaby When U Hold Me In Your Embrace :iconoblivionxbaby:OblivionxBaby 2 1 A Cherished Moment by OblivionxBaby A Cherished Moment :iconoblivionxbaby:OblivionxBaby 4 1


Beacon Hill Doll House Kit Completed 01 by dinobatfan Beacon Hill Doll House Kit Completed 01 :icondinobatfan:dinobatfan 4 3
Oswald Cobblepot x Reader: In Need of Your Service
Oswald Cobblepot x Reader
In Need of Your Service
The man before them trembled and stuttered, “P-please… S-s-sir… I didn’t m-mean… to anger you…” In front of the fireplace, sitting in his elaborate wooden chair sat the King of Gotham himself, Oswald Cobblepot. He held his chin in his palm, and looked upon the man lazily. He spun his wine in its glass with his free hand, then took a slow sip. He sighed and glanced over at Zsasz. “Victor, please take care of this whimpering fool. He bores me.”
Victor looked upon the man with a devilish smile, “With pleasure, sir.” He grabbed the man by his collar and started dragging him out of the room, “Wait! WAIT! I’M SORRY!!! I DIDN’T MEAN-” There was a gunshot. Then silence.
Zsasz strolled back into the room a short time later with a grin on his face, but it fell when he saw the look Oswald was giving his wine glass. “Sir, is something wrong
:iconprincessoflabyrinth:PrincessofLabyrinth 38 11
Lost in thoguhts by Choco-Bjd Lost in thoguhts :iconchoco-bjd:Choco-Bjd 3 0
That's Amore: Chapter 1
NEW YORK CITY 1955, 6:05 p.m.:
I, Vito Scaletta have been through so much you can't even count them on one hand. I've been through the war, jail, and many, many gang fights, but my life turned completely around when I was inducted into "the family" for multiply reasons. The first was when I looked across the Maltese Falcon at the after party for the induction, *she* was on the phone.
I leaned over to Joe "Hey Joe do you know who that girl is over there?"
"Not a clue, ask one of the guys, I mean I was inducted with you don't forget that buddy I don't know anyone either."
I walked up to Eddie he explained the whole story. She's a part of the family too, as people know women weren't allowed in, but she was repaying a debt for her brother who was in the family. He betrayed them and was killed for it, they took her and now she has to work for them until the day she dies. I wanted to go talk to her but the conversation on the phone looked pretty important, I walked up to her anyway. When she
:iconjakaite:JaKaite 4 4
Forest Queen Crown II by camias Forest Queen Crown II :iconcamias:camias 86 6 Midnight Summer's Dream by camias Midnight Summer's Dream :iconcamias:camias 137 3 Fall Forest Circlet by camias Fall Forest Circlet :iconcamias:camias 224 19 Fleur Delacour by ShadowOfRay Fleur Delacour :iconshadowofray:ShadowOfRay 28 9 Aramis by ShadowOfRay Aramis :iconshadowofray:ShadowOfRay 76 19 Fox by Kevin-Glint Fox :iconkevin-glint:Kevin-Glint 379 59 Luke Evans Drawing by ronja-kappel Luke Evans Drawing :iconronja-kappel:ronja-kappel 33 3 The Prince by LindaMarieAnson The Prince :iconlindamarieanson:LindaMarieAnson 279 57 Dracula by LindaMarieAnson Dracula :iconlindamarieanson:LindaMarieAnson 220 31
Break up Blues Ichabod x Reader
You walked into the alcove trying not to cry as the scent of books hit you. Your boyfriend for two years Elias had dumped you, claimed you were cheating when you knew it was him who constantly cheated. You wore an oversized hoodie with a pair of black leggings. You walked in Jenny, Abby, and Crane all stared at you. Abby ran to you and hugged you tightly.
"Oh sweetheart. I'm so sorry." She whispered while you pressed your face into the crook of her neck inhaling the Apple scent of her dark hair.
"He thought I was cheating on him." You cried. Abby's grip tightened. You made eye contact with him before you could stop yourself. You got helplessly lost in his blue eyes. Jenny kept you busy in thinking mode by helping them with their case. Ichabod didn't do much but stare at you pity in his gaze. You always caught him staring at you from across the room between the walls of the book fort you had built around you. Almost two hours had past and more stolen glances were exchanged. That is unti
:iconartist3487:Artist3487 8 0
This unjust world by BrainKiller20 This unjust world :iconbrainkiller20:BrainKiller20 227 131
Lucifer Morningstar x Reader ch 1
The readers friend drags her into the upscale nightclub known as Lux,she's not really enjoying herself but could a certain ruler of hell change that?
"Come on F/N your going to have a good time." Your friend Becca said as the two of you waited outside the new upscale nightclub called "Lux" she had been here with a few more of her party girl friends last weekend and somehow she wanted to share it with you.
"And what makes you think that?
I told you before its no use dragging me to a nightclub I can't dance and 99.9% of the music they play is over sexualized what makes you think I'll have fun?"
Becca rolled her eyes "alright F/N  if you don't have a good time then I'll come with you to whatever it is your into Deal?"
After waiting in line for what felt like forever we were finally face to face with the bouncer,with a quick flash of our IDs he removed the chain permitting us access. "Time to party F/N!" Becca said cheerfully as she practically dragged you by your hand and down
:iconmickxbeth2012:Mickxbeth2012 58 12



My new project : Making Swarovski elements jewelry & Making a replica of Elena's (Vampire Diaries) Miss Mystic Falls dress :) (the blue one when she's danced with Damon) .


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